Ashley is a Life Changer. It's hard to put into words the way Ashley has changed my life. Her guidance and encouragement, over the past four months has truly been the conduit for the change I so desperately wanted in my life. She was incredibly accepting and welcoming from the start, and has always provided an environment where I feel comfortable and safe. Moreover, she is insightful, empathetic, supportive, sincere, and always willing to go above and beyond. I whole heartedly recommend Ashley.  -E.G.

Ashley Cook is an active listener who really seems to understand where someone is coming from and empathize with them, while still maintaining her professionalism.  She makes you feel as though you're talking to a close friend, who just happens to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  From my experience, she is able to find a way to get through to someone to make them look at things from a different angle and come to their own conclusions as to how they can make a situation better (i.e. better outcomes, handling situations differently, dealing with their emotions differently, etc.).  Her methods involve a combination of active listening and solution-focused talk therapy with written and cognitive exercises.  She has ways of getting through to people so that a session doesn't really feel like therapy, but the overall outcome is effective. - R.H.

Professional and caring. Ashley is an exceptional coach and counselor. She has expertise in working with teens, young adults, and families with a wide range of goals. She is energetic, knowledgable, and incredibly easy to talk to. She is motivated to get results, and goes above and beyond expectations to help her clients achieve their goals. I would recommend Ashley to anyone who is looking to grow as a person, and who wants some guidance along the way.​  -M.P. 

Wonderful person, inspirational advice, and compassionate professional. - T.T. 

Ashley, You and [your team] have really made a huge amount of progress with [my daughter].  When I think about what she was going through last August, I see a totally different person. - Anonymous Client (Parent)

Awesome Teen Coach! My mom saw me stressing out about college process 3 years ago and found Ashley to help me through the transition. Ashley knew how to help me then, and she still helps me today! I still call her from school every week for coaching. "Gotta stay in the game." She's the best. I'm really grateful. - S.K.  

Ashley Cook is like a rainbow. It is impossible for words to fully describe her and you must experience her presence to appreciate her true beauty and magic. She is helping to bring my life from a very dark place where I can honestly say I am happy and feeling joy again. And in doing so, she has helped my family, in both getting their wife and mother back, as well as my being able to be present in their lives and help them grow and be happy... She is an objective listener who does not pass judgement, who truly listens, who believes in you even when you don't believe in yourself, who somehow always understands, and who deeply cares. She has taught me so many things and I am forever grateful for the gift of her place in my life and the positive difference she has made for me and my family. -S.M.

Ashley has been amazing to work with! Her sincerity, professionalism and positive energy is contagious!  She was always helpful in providing professional and personal advice... she's a talented and effective therapist for her patients!  -T.N.

​I am so thankful to have found Ashley. Ashley's guidance and coaching have been instrumental this past year as I navigated through a very challenging time. Words can not express the positive impact she has had on my life. Ashley is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging, down to earth, insightful, and empathetic. I will be forever grateful and highly recommend Ashley. -A.S.  

Professional, Dependable, Effective. Just show up and you will see results. Stick to it. Follow the plan. She knows what she's doing. Pricing is higher than community agencies, but she's better, life is short...and a better life is priceless. Thanks ABC!  -I.P. 

Dear Ashley, ​You have been so sweet and so helpful. Thanx soooo much for helping me when I was sad and nervous. It means a lot. Love,  -A.G  

Client Testimonials

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